what a guy

DH is a great guy. Really. He always jokes that he married "up" and I married "down" when it came to choosing a mate. Today he out-performed, out-spoused and out-parented me. To illustrate, here's a list of what he did today:
  • went on a 30-mile bike ride
  • installed a new garbage disposal in kitchen sink
  • went to Home Depot for painting supplies (took Stuntman and Miss Bee
  • tore baseboards and carpet out of Flip's old room/DH's new office
  • ripped off trim around door and closet in office
  • spackled crack in ceiling
  • painted ceiling
  • turned mattress on our bed
  • took all 3 kidlets to Fry's to purchase a long-promised joystick for Playstation
  • painted walls in office
  • painted ceiling in office (2nd coat)
  • painted walls in office (2nd coat)
  • went to Kroger for 2-liter of Squirt

Here's what I did:

  • cooked eggs for one kid, Pop-Tarts for everyone else
  • changed sheets on bed
  • nagged kids to clean rooms
  • cut out fabric for "5-minute skirt"
  • threw a load of towels in machine
  • nagged some more
  • took Flip to Wal-Mart for school supplies
  • didn't find all supplies; made frustrated note to check Target later
  • chased kids away from Playstation; nagged about clean rooms
  • peeked into office to check DH's work
  • made "helpful" suggestions, shot down a few decorating ideas
  • nag, nag, nag
  • tried to sew 5-minute skirt; had recurring loopy thread problems
  • gave up on 5-minute skirt
  • ordered pizza
  • rewarded boys for clean rooms with Playstation time
  • took Miss Bee to Joann's to pick out a dress pattern and fabric
  • dragged Miss Bee out of Joann's
  • put kids in showers/tubs
  • put kids to bed
  • ate bowl of French Silk ice cream (well, it was lite)

My list was just as long; my results were not as successful as his. What a guy.

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Larissa said...

That's great! I'll have to let Brandon read this one. But I bet you got more accomplished than you gave yourself credit for! :)