i'm so happy

Miss Bee went through a "Yo Gabba Gabba" phase a few months ago. For those who may not be familiar with this show, it's a fairly new offering on Nick Jr. for the preschool set. It's very contemporary, very stylish, very "now" - think about what "The Electric Company" was to the 70's. Anyway, I have to admit that I looked forward to when she would ask to watch it, because I love the music. She turned it on today and my favorite song from the show was just coming on. It was through YGG that I found the Salteens, one of many bands that either perform or write music especially for the show. On the episode titled "Happy", this is their performance of a song whose bass line is just too catchy not to dance to:

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FroggyWoman said...

We love Yo Gabba Gabba. My girls have become almost as OCD as I am, thanks to "we are the tiny yucky bugs, and we will make you siiiiiiiick!".

And "try it, you'll like it" is much more welcome at our table than it was in the Pre-gabba days!!