contents of my head, vol. 1

I love spelling. I love figuring out how to spell stuff I hear. There is a commentator on NPR whose name I love to conjure spellings for. Here are all the possible spellings I have come up with, based solely upon the way he says his name at the end of all his news reports:

a) Marco Orman
b) Marco Werman
c) Marco Erman
d) Marc Oerman

I know I could just go to the NPR website and find the correct spelling in a matter of minutes, but - and I know this sounds weird - I don't want to. This purposeless but personal occupation has lasted for months, and to end it would take the fun out of it. So I don't want any responses to this posting that ruin my fun! I'll look it up when I'm dang good and ready!

(I know; I'm a nerd.)