contents of my head, vol. 1

I love spelling. I love figuring out how to spell stuff I hear. There is a commentator on NPR whose name I love to conjure spellings for. Here are all the possible spellings I have come up with, based solely upon the way he says his name at the end of all his news reports:

a) Marco Orman
b) Marco Werman
c) Marco Erman
d) Marc Oerman

I know I could just go to the NPR website and find the correct spelling in a matter of minutes, but - and I know this sounds weird - I don't want to. This purposeless but personal occupation has lasted for months, and to end it would take the fun out of it. So I don't want any responses to this posting that ruin my fun! I'll look it up when I'm dang good and ready!

(I know; I'm a nerd.)


beckbot said...

No way! I do this too, particularly Noah Adams and Nora Raum. The fact that both of their first names pretty much end with the same sound that their last names begin with must have something to do with it. For the longest time, I thought Noah Adams was named "Noe." But what are the odds of two commentators named "Noe"? Not very good. So I had to look it up at the npr website. I don't want to tempt you, but here's the list of on-air staff over there:


pianogal said...

Noah Adams gets me like that, too. Okay, here's 2 more: Sylvia Poggioli and Steve Inskeep. I just love the way Sylvia says her name. And for the longest time, I thought Steve Inskeep's name was Steve-insky - just one name, like Cher. And I just had to peek - Marco WERMAN is a correspondent for PRI, not NPR, so I had to do a bit of digging to find him.