I am grateful today for whatever caused me, while I was loading my ipod shuffle Friday night, to place in the midst of Lake Wobegon stories, "Selected Shorts" and "This American Life" podcasts, arrangements of Vivaldi and various songs kifed from Pandora; the song "Here Comes My Girl" by Tom Petty. It came on at mile 12.5 of my second half marathon, when the wind was in my face and my legs were begging me to "just walk a little bit". And it made me imagine my dh waiting for me at the finish line, singing (okay, thinking; let's get real) those words. And then it made me pick up my feet and make it to the end, Stuntman and Flip and Miss Bee running the last 50 feet right along with me. Thank you.


rebecca said...

Can I just say that I am soooo impressed by this running business? And the word "kifed"? That's a great word! Congratulations on your half marathon!

Janet said...

I will echo what Rebecca said. Great job on your race! Maybe someday I will be able to run with you.

Sharon said...

Great to see the new posts! I love your writing! Congrats and the 1/2 marathon! That is amazing.