happy birthday to bee

Next week, my little Bee will turn 5. We are celebrating today because dh and Stuntman will be at 5th grade camp on her real b-day, so today is presents and cake (and Peter Piper Pizza) day. (By the way, that cake is a PONY, not a "pink Snoopy", as dh said when he first saw it. Just clearing that up.)
Yep, my little girl will be a year older - headed for kindergarten, new best friends (other than Mom), homework, and maybe a gymnastics class. (Yeah, I'm having a little my-kid's-growing-up pout.) She finally likes some girly things - ponytails, pink, dress-ups - but will never agree with me on clothes, I think. She's a joy, a challenge, a tease, a friend, and even though she's running around in a an old Spiderman costume right now - my favorite girl. Happy birthday, Miss Bee.


Leroy said...

Happy Birthday Miss B! We miss you and wish you all the best on this special day!~The Randalls

Susan said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miss B, dear,
Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had one wish then it would be
A Happy, Happy Birthday to you, from me!

(as sung in Primary)
Love, Aunt Susan and Uncle Chris

I like the cake, did you use bubble tape for the pony's mane?

pianogal said...

Yes, the directions said to use something called "sour tape", which was a darker pink and would have looked better, but I looked everywhere (even that fancy candy store downtown) and nobody carries it. Maybe that's why T. thought it was a pink Snoopy.